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Swedish freeware 3D steam locos for

     Trainz developed by JOComms

 2017-01-12: Steam locos SJ W2 1621 and TGOJ S3 55 for TANE 

Description steam loco functions

All downloadable units are working in TS12(Build 61388) or older versions.

But, gradually steam locos will also be developped for TANE. Check folder downloads and category

Everything is included in the downloadable RAR file except STL software that you can access from first post

in folder Downloads.

 You ONLY have to download STL software ONCE!

 Following SURVEYOR features are common for ALL steam locos:

 Plows On/Off,

 Red lamp On/Off,

Smoke deflectors On/Off,

 "Staella av"   Disconnect the loco from startup, i.e no smoke, no engineer, no fireman,no sound.  

In DRIVER mode you can define:

 Plows On/Off,

  Red lamp On/Off,

Smoke deflectors On/Off,

"Sotaren"  manipulates the smoke from the chimney after approximately 30 seconds (Blower)

 "Elda mer"  increases the smoke volume after appr 30 seconds as well as setting the fireman into work.

"Aktivera cylinder utlopp" lots of smoke from the cylinders when starting the steam loco (Cylinder drain),

 "Aktivera ejektor utlopp" smoke under the cabin after appr 30 seconds on driver side,

 "Arg lokfoerare" Angry engineer when starting up the steam loco,

 "Staella av" Disconnect the loco in driver mode, i.e no smoke, no engineer, no fireman,no sound. Remove the marker for re-activating the steam loco.

"Tough start"  Check presented video snapshot  in folder Videos.
   May take up to one minute before fireman starts his coaling.
   After fireman starts working wait at least another minute, before starting up the train.


1. Activate above features when the steam loco is stationary in DRIVER mode.

2. Before being able to MARK some features in DRIVER mode, the loco must have been started/stopped at least once.

3. All steams locos are using the swaying technique from PEVSOFT.

4. Synchronizing steam sound and steam puffs

5. ALWAYS steam  puffs uphills greater than 10 permille. Might earlier un-motivated ceased.

6. Most steam locos has the feature "Tough start" implemented. Check video snapshot in folder Videos.

Description steam loco cabin

Most parts in the steam cabin may be activated by left mouse button:


 Engineer's time table,


 Speed protection glasses outside the cabin,

 Ejectors generating smoke (Check attached Pictures in folder Photo Gallery),


Airpump lever,

 "Blower" lever manipulating smoke (Check attached Pictures in folder Photo Gallery),

 Cylinder drain lever generating smoke (Check attached Pictures in folder Photo Gallery),




 Sand lever,

 Independant brake lever,

 Switch for headlamps On/Off,

 Switch for lamp in cabin On/Off,

 Switch for wipers On/Off (SJ S1 loco)

A video clip presenting steam cabin functions can be found in folder Videos